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Fish Meal

Highly digestible fish meal, produced from fresh raw materials. The main stages of the process are cooking, pressing, centrifuging and drying or dehydration. During cooking, the protein coagulates, thus releasing the water and oil contained in it. The coagulated product is then separated by pressing.

The press cake is dewatered in indirect steam dryers. The dried material is ground and stored in bags or in bulk.

Shrimp Meal

Shrimp meal is used in the production of balanced feed, mainly for marine species, and is also used in poultry, swine and cattle feed because of its high protein and mineral content.

Highly digestible and nutritional ingredient.

Crab Meal

Por sus altos contenidos proteicos, La harina de jaiba, es un excelente suplemento alimenticio para la elaboración de alimento balanceado para aves. Debido a su alto contenido de calcio, ayuda a una mejor formación de la cascara del huevo.

Soluble Hydrolyzed Concentrate

Liquid fish hydrolyzate, made from marine species, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Gracias a sus ingredientes 100 % naturales y a nuestros procesos industriales, generamos un producto de muy alta calidad y concentración óptima.