Soluble marine protein

SOLUBLE MARINE PROTEIN The Soluble is a concentrated shrimp broth rich in high quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Used as organic fertilizer, excellent pellet binder, attractant and increase in feed palatability.


SEA SHELL MEAL Sea Shell Meal is another important source of calcium in the diet of poultry especially for laying hens, who need unusually high calcium level during the production of eggs for the formation of strong egg shells.  It contains a high percentage of calcium which makes it ideal for balanced food supplement.


SHRIMP MEAL Shrimp meal is used in the manufacture of balanced feed primarily for marine species , just as it is used in feed for fish and pigs due to its high level in protein and minerals. Because it is easily digestible and has a strong natural attractant has a greater acceptance in these animals. […]


CRAB MEAL Because of its high protein content , Crab Meal is an excellent dietary supplement for the preparation of balanced feed for marine species especially for shrimp . Because it contains a strong natural attractant , food becomes more desirable and even more digestible to the body of that species . Product Number:  pmh-6651

Crab Meal

CRAB MEAL Crab meal is an excellent organic natural fertilizer which helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil because it is rich in chitin which promotes the development of enzymes when added to the soil , while fighting fungi , worms , ants and nematodes harmful to plants. It is rich in […]


CHITIN Chitin is the organic substance most abundant in nature after cellulose. It is obtained by isolating chitin from; proteins, minerals and lipid pigments (carotenoids), through the processes of deproteinization and demineralization.  Chitin is an insoluble material in the most common organic solvents, although there have been cases of application in modified form of its […]


CHITOSAN It is the only  natural cationic biopolymer  (positively charged). It is found in certain fungi but is obtained, usually, by deacetylating the chitin. It differs from the Chitin fundamentally for being soluble in diluted acids solutions. Presents several uses: chelating and flocculant, wastewater treatment, ingredient in cosmetic formulations and as food supplement among others.