The manipulation and control of the wastes of crustaceans and shellfish, represents a significant problem in the fishing activity in the region. That is why the company Proteínas Marinas y Harinas de Sinaloa, SA de CV, is giving the correct solution to the final disposal of this waste (Shrimp head, crab and fish), generated by the seafood processing plants, in the production of meals. In the same way, some high value-added products are obtained, such as; hydrolyzed protein, chitin and chitosan, avoiding contamination of the fishing camps and providing a healthier in the social and environmental surroundings.

Soluble Marine Protein.

The Soluble is a concentrated shrimp broth rich in high quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

Used as an organic fertilizer, it is an excellent pellet binder, attractant and increases the palatability of the feed.

Sea Shell Meal

Sea Snail meal is another important source of calcium in the poultry diet, especially for laying hens, as unusually high levels of calcium are needed during the egg production period, it contributes to the formation of egg shells. strongest egg, contains the percentage of calcium that makes it the ideal supplement for a balanced diet.

Crab Meal

Due to its high protein content, the Crab Flour is an excellent nutritional supplement, in the preparation of balanced meals for marine species, especially for shrimp. Because it contains a strong natural attractant that makes food more desirable and even more digestible to the organism of that species.

Shrimp Meal

Shrimp meal is used in the preparation of balanced feed, mainly for marine species, in the same way it is used in feed for fish and pigs, due to its high protein and mineral content, because it is easily digestible and contains a strong natural attractant has a greater acceptance in these animals.